How I Turned My Filofax Into a Wallet and Money Tracker

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How to set up a planner as a wallet and finance tracker //

Just because my husband pays the bills and is responsible for the finances, doesn't mean I can't help him out by tracking my spending. From groceries to pay day to personal purchases (like a new Filofax, amiright?) I've put a wallet/financial system together in my gold compact Saffiano Filofax. It's gold, it was inexpensive, and it's slightly smaller than a personal size Filofax in the width and ring size–perfect!

My goal was to have something of similar size to my current wallet, because I could fit my iPhone in it. I'm not a fan of carrying a purse, so if I can just grab and go with one thing in hand, then I'm totally on board!

Here's my setup, it's still a work in progress and it'll probably change as I see fit:

Divider One//

Credit card and receipt holders

I ordered multi-purpose holders from Filofax, they're perfect for a credit card at the bottom and have a top loading pocket above that I like to store receipts or coupons in.

Check register

I have one of these behind each credit card/receipt holder that coordinates with the card so I can balance my account and keep track of my spending from that day.


Divider Two//


I created stickers with my Cricut explore air machine. The stickers are color coordinated to different accounts we have.

Week on 2 Pages

I write down on the date when the money is taken out of the account and place a sticker so I remember which account it came out of, also some details about the transaction to jog my memory of the purchase.

Divider Three//

Card holders

I store any reward cards, gift cards, or business cards in here.

List/note paper

I cut down mostly just Target dollar spot note and list papers to just use on the go.

Finance Routine

At the very least, I sit down on Sunday and do the following: open my bank account that coordinates with a certain card, pull receipts out, and flip to my weekly calendar. On the date that it cleared I add a sticker that coordinates to that account, where I spent money, how much was spent, and any other details to note (like what I bought). Then I toss receipts or file them away.

Here's a detailed video (my debut to YouTube, so be nice) of my setup for your viewing (hopefully) pleasure! Please don't hesitate to ask questions, or share any helpful suggestions.

How to set up a planner as a wallet and finance tracker //

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  1. I love this post! I have the same struggle of HATING to carry a purse, but I almost always keep my planner with me. I love how you combined your planner and wallet!



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